Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quinn Jaxon Solo Video

I found this video (below) surfing the usual sources. It's a solo video recorded by Andrew Christian underwear model Quinn Jaxon when he was known as Kurt Madison.  I'm not much of a size queen but I have to say his huge dick is simply amazing!  I'm also very fond of his cute little ass and I'm hoping that any day now we'll be seeing him spreading those cheeks for a video in which he bottoms.
(I do have to apologize for the audio track. I recommend just turning the volume to 'Off'.)

Who wouldn't want a ride on that!


  1. Well according to him we will never see that type of video from him, he is only modeling now and is engaged to a woman and they are soon to be married. and he makes way more modeling then he did with his short porn jobs.

  2. Does anyone know if the video above is an edited version of something that is longer? The reason I ask is that there are several obvious jump cuts and edits, so I was wondering if there's a longer unedited version on the Paragonmen site, or if this is identical to what they have there. Anyone know? :)

  3. Il est bien monté en tout cas.....trop beau....on voit bien son plaisir.....mummummmmm

  4. Existant.....trop beau..j'aime��

  5. I'd never seen such a boring porn...