Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thom Evans : Naked Rugby Hottie



 Thom Evans and his brother Max created quite a stir when they posed totally naked together in extremely homoerotic poses for Tony Duran's 2010 Dieux du Stade calendar and DVD. Normally the rugby players who appear in the Dieux du Stade series do not reveal their private jewels, but these boys decided to allow us to experience them in all their uncut glory and the poses they concocted were extremely homoerotic, to say the least.  Of late, Thom has been pursuing a very lucrative career as an underwear model. Here are some of his latest advertisements. 



Here's the Dieux Du Stade 2010 video and some extra photo grabs. Catch when Thom gives his dick a fluff!


Thom fluffing!



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  2. I just love Uncut cock...Natural is the best.
    I dont like circumcised dick. The is always a reason boys are born with a foreskin.
    Anyway, i just the Scottish hunks.