Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kieran Hayler Sex Tape

Everyone's favorite male stripper Kieran Hayler, who married Katie Price last year apparently participated in a homemade sex tape with his porn star ex Kiri Meads in a bid to spice up their  sex life. The video has now leaked and while I usually don't enjoy watching ladies' parts in my porn, Kieran is so hot throughout, I make an exception in this case.  Kieran is a natural in front of the camera: he's an easy-going presence and he appears to be really enjoying himself. His legendary dick is a beauty and I love the way he thrusts his ass with great gusto.  Alas, there is no real cum shot in this video. Kiri sucks him off and we get only to view a dribble of semen on his cock, after he's spent. I've had to edit the video because it's too long for uploading here. I left in ALL the footage however of Kieran's beautiful ass, fucking in full-view.


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